Trending Tuesday: Walk Through A Wedding Workshop

Today I want to share with you guys a photography workshop that I attended last November.  It is so important for photographers of all sorts to continue learning new techniques.  Trends change so fast and there is always some new way of capturing beautiful images, so as a woman passionate about what I do, I find it so necessary to take advantage of these workshops whenever I can and learn from others that have the same passion and drive about photography as I do!

This workshop was called Walk Through A Wedding, and it was hosted by Justin and Mary Mantz.  This style shoot, complete with models, covered posing, lighting, timelines, shooting in a time crunch, unruly bridal parties, shooting family photos quickly, shooting details for publication and night shooting – all of which are vital for photographers to know and be comfortable with. The one thing that I took most out of this workshop was the importance of authentic posing of couples! I can’t stress this enough, and the photos below will show how captivating photos can be when the bride and groom are posed correctly, in a way that they feel comfortable and at ease.  It makes their chemistry in the photo so much clearer and you will be able to see their personalities and their relationship shine through the image.

I also learned the necessity of detail shots in wedding photography, and how to capture those in the correct way.  For example, different shots of center pieces and table settings, which you can also see in the photos below, as well as images of various other unique details that each wedding has. Although detail shots are amazing for the bride and groom to have after the wedding to showcase the gorgeous details, it is also important for the photographer to have in order to send in to various publications and getting their work featured.

Justin and Mary were FANTASTIC teachers.  They shared real life experiences and knowledge with all of us photographers that were attending the workshop and we are extremely grateful! I know that I have taken the tips I received and applied them to all of the weddings that I have shot since.

To anybody passionate about their craft – whatever that craft may be – stay interested, stay curious, stay creative and always be eager to acquire more knowledge!
















(all photos taken at the Walk Through A Wedding Workshop by 5 Diamond Photography)

Vendors: Models – Andrea & Christian; Venue – The Historic Lounsbury House in Ridgefield, CT; Bridesmaids – Rachel and Olivia; Workshop Hosts – Justin and Mary Mantz

5 Diamond Update!

So we’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately and we’re SO sorry! The past few weeks have been crazy hectic getting the last of our senior shoots wrapped up for our high school seniors, and getting ready for our STUNNING November weddings that we have coming up! (PS – stay tuned for those because they will all be gorgeous! I can already tell! And we’ll definitely have a few of them featured on the blog throughout the winter). 

In the last two weeks we’ve also been prepping and now recovering from two huge events we had, our Glam Boudoir booth that we had at Fun Girls Night Out in Hartford last week, and then our Farmington Bridal Show that 5 Diamond Productions took part in just this past Sunday! Thank you to everybody who came out and visited us at either or both of those events! We met some amazing couples that we’re looking forward to working with at the bridal show and some fabulous ladies for Glam Boudoir at the Fun Girls Night Out that we can’t wait get into the studio with!

Here’s a few photos of us killing it at the Fun Girls Night Out show- thanks to all of you that were part of it! We had a blast chatting and showing off our work to all of the ladies that stopped by.  Our booth was a total hit and we could not have had a better time “working” (: For those of you who couldn’t make it – come see us next year, its an event worth marking on your calendar in advance!



(And yes – we did have selfie station for those who we wondering and it was fabulous! Fully equipped with selfie stick and up lighting. We clearly had to take advantage of it and have a little fun using it too!)

So – thank you for baring with us through the craziness!! I PROMISE we will be back on our daily blogging grind starting Monday with a gorgeous feature wedding for you to gush over!

In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo – 5 Diamond Photography team

Trending Tuesday: Pinterest Inspired EVERYTHING


With Pinterest being the go-to for brides when it comes to all things wedding inspiration, it can get easy for brides to go a little overboard when gathering inspiration for their vendors.  Florals, photo ideas, as well as color schemes (all depending on the season of your wedding) are things that brides tend to search for on Pinterest to get ideas that make their big day stand out against others.

As amazing as Pinterest can be for getting visuals together to explain to your vendors what you’re exactly looking for you, you need to know when enough is enough! You also need to be aware that photos and floral arrangements can not be duplicated! Use these ideas to inspire your own ideas, but don’t copy!  Every wedding day, engagement shoot, or event in general is different, and you want to have a twist of your own personality and preferences in everything you choose for your day! You also don’t want to overwhelm your vendors.  Find A FEW inspirational ideas for whatever your looking for, and have it be a guide for them to use.

For example, find two or three photos of floral arrangements that you love! That will give your florist an idea of the types of flowers and colors that appeal to you the most. Same goes when finding inspiration for you wedding photos.  Pick out some poses for your photographer to go off of, he or she will see the vibe your going for and the type of photographs that appeal to you and be able to come up with more ideas from there.

If your wedding has unique or specific characteristics of any kind, such as the way your bridal party is dressed or your venue, it’s a great idea to have some different poses that showcase those aspects. Pinterest is amazing when it comes to inspiration with photography. Haley and Zack’s barn wedding that we shot at Indian Meadow Farm is one that could be made into a Pinterest board! It shows off the bride and groom’s personalities and lends to the fact that their entire bridal party was dressed PERFECTLY to match the rustic & elegant venue.

TrendingTuesday (1 of 6)

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Vendors: Hair: Scott Corey at Salon Q; Makeup: Valerie Pac at Salon Q; Florist: Brittany (Price Chopper in Torrington, CT); Venue: Indian Meadow Farm in Winstead, CT

Feature Monday: Jess & Steve’s Gorgeous May Wedding!

Jess&Steve (12 of 12)

In light of all of the rainy weather we’ve had the past few days, we wanted to give some wedding inspiration and ideas on what to do it if rains on your big day, while showing off one our BEAUTIFUL weddings that used the rain to their benefit! By incorporating cute touches like the clear umbrellas into the details with the bridal party portraits, as well as the pink and white umbrella (that went perfectly with the rest of their color scheme) Jess and Steve were able to take the fact that the weather was less than ideal, and twist it to work out in their favor! With aspects of your wedding day that you can’t control, such as the weather, you need be flexible and open minded.  Just by looking at these amazing shots that we captured, you can see how despite the rain, this day turned out to be everything they (and we) hoped it would!

Jess&Steve (1 of 12)

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Jess&Steve (2 of 12)

Jess&Steve (11 of 12)

 Jess&Steve (9 of 12)Jess&Steve (8 of 12)

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Vendors: Venue: The Farmington Club; Florist: Harwinton Florist; Wedding Gown: Mariella’s; Bridesmaid Dresses: Mariella’s;  Groom’s Attire & Menswear: Joseph A. Bank; Hair: Samantha O’Conner; Makeup: Stacey Palencia at Blush Couture

Feature Monday: Ian & Kellene’s Ocean View September Wedding!

Ian & Kellene’s fall wedding overlooking the shoreline in New Haven, CT has to be one of our all time favorites! Vibrant pops of red, orange and deep burgundy brought that fall vibe to the beach, which worked seamlessly & beautifully for this early fall wedding.  The detail shots that we captured of the bride and her accessories (including her amazing shoes which I am obsessed with) lend perfectly to the luxurious and glamorous ambiance of the day! The playful and adorable shots we got of the bride and groom with their children are beyond words, you can feel the love they have for each other and their children just by looking at the photographs! This wedding and this amazing couple is one that we will remember forever at 5 Diamond!

(Not to mention; this crafty bride made her own stunning bridal bouquet and broach! How Impressive? Looks like it was done by a professional!)

K&I (19 of 25) K&I (20 of 25) add (10 of 11) K&I (14 of 25) K&I (25 of 25) add (1 of 11) K&I (23 of 25) K&I (24 of 25) add (6 of 11) add (8 of 11) add (5 of 11) add (4 of 11) add (2 of 11) K&I (16 of 25) K&I (18 of 25) K&I (12 of 25) K&I (13 of 25) add (9 of 11) add (11 of 11) K&I (15 of 25) K&I (21 of 25) K&I (22 of 25)











































































Featured Vendors: Bridal gown: Bliss Bridal; Hair and Makeup: Allison at Elegant Beauty LLC; Cake: Luigi’s Bakery; Rings: Hannoush; Florist: Jennifer St. John Floral Design; Venue: Anthony’s Ocean View