Glam Thursday: Winter Boudoir Outfits

Picking out outfit choices for your boudoir session can be difficult, especially for those doing a boudoir shoot for the first time! There’s so many unlimited options of what you can do with outfits for your boudoir shoot, depending on the time of year, the holiday coming up, what the shoot is for (birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just for you).

If its for a significant other, what is he interested in? What does he do for work? What’s his favorite team? Its fun to incorporate personal details like that into your shoot – maybe by wearing one of his t-shirts, work button-ups, or a jersey of his favorite team; the list goes on and on of what you can do!

HOWEVER, one of the most fun times of the year to get creative with your boudoir outfits, in my opinion, is during the winter! And with it getting chillier and chillier by the day, this is the perfect time to share some of our thoughts on the topic! This time of year gives you options – you can do the typical lingerie photos, but you can also pair cozy sweaters and knit thigh high socks together in the mix as well! Below are some inspiration photos of winter boudoir outfits that we absolutely adore! Don’t be afraid to get creative! Boudoir doesn’t mean that you have to be naked or showing excessive amounts of skin – sometimes less is more, and these photos below that we found on Pinterest and are still gushing over still leave something to the imagination, but are NOTHING short of sexy – use these photos as inspiration for your own outfit ideas!

winter boudoir 5

winter boudoir 6

winter boudoir 3

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winter boudoir 2

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5 Diamond Update!

So we’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately and we’re SO sorry! The past few weeks have been crazy hectic getting the last of our senior shoots wrapped up for our high school seniors, and getting ready for our STUNNING November weddings that we have coming up! (PS – stay tuned for those because they will all be gorgeous! I can already tell! And we’ll definitely have a few of them featured on the blog throughout the winter). 

In the last two weeks we’ve also been prepping and now recovering from two huge events we had, our Glam Boudoir booth that we had at Fun Girls Night Out in Hartford last week, and then our Farmington Bridal Show that 5 Diamond Productions took part in just this past Sunday! Thank you to everybody who came out and visited us at either or both of those events! We met some amazing couples that we’re looking forward to working with at the bridal show and some fabulous ladies for Glam Boudoir at the Fun Girls Night Out that we can’t wait get into the studio with!

Here’s a few photos of us killing it at the Fun Girls Night Out show- thanks to all of you that were part of it! We had a blast chatting and showing off our work to all of the ladies that stopped by.  Our booth was a total hit and we could not have had a better time “working” (: For those of you who couldn’t make it – come see us next year, its an event worth marking on your calendar in advance!



(And yes – we did have selfie station for those who we wondering and it was fabulous! Fully equipped with selfie stick and up lighting. We clearly had to take advantage of it and have a little fun using it too!)

So – thank you for baring with us through the craziness!! I PROMISE we will be back on our daily blogging grind starting Monday with a gorgeous feature wedding for you to gush over!

In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo – 5 Diamond Photography team

Glam Thursday: Boudoir Basics!

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First things first, for those of you who don’t know exactly what boudoir is, or what exactly boudoir photography consists of, lets give you the definition!  Boudoir, by itself, is French for a woman’s private room or bedroom.  Boudoir in a photography sense has to do with capturing classy and romantic images in a bedroom, hotel or anywhere of that sort that creates an intimate setting.

Glam Boudoir, which I also refer to as my baby because its my own little project that I love, is my line of luxury boudoir photography coming from 5 Diamond Photography.  The goal of my boudoir shoots is to make my girls feel as confident, sexy and comfortable as possible. There are so many misinterpretations about boudoir shoots, and one of those (probably the biggest) is that you need to have a ton of skin showing in order for it to be classified as boudoir photography.  Not always true! I have plenty of boudoir clients that come in with full length gowns, because that’s how they feel the most sexy, women that come in and don’t want their faces shown at all, and plenty of clients who want solely head shots with seductive makeup and AMAZING hairstyles.  Empowering women is what I strive to do with my boudoir photography, and  you do not need to be a size 0 to have an amazing boudoir shoot either! Boudoir is all about embracing yourself, your curves, and doing what makes you the most comfortable while bringing out your highest level of confidence!

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Have more questions about boudoir shoots and what they’re all about? Want to book your own boudoir session? Head over to my website to learn more about it, at , or email me directly at! I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo – Lizz