Friday Fun-Day: Thanksgiving Gifts!

Give a little something during the season of giving to show those you love how appreciative you are of them for all they do and the role they play in your life! Why leave presents only for Christmas? Mix it up and surprise your family and loved ones this year with a little gift at their place setting at Thanksgiving dinner as a reminder of how thankful you are for them! Here are some little fun, creative and inexpensive ideas that we found via Pinterest (we LIVE for Pinterest)

thanksgiving gift 1

If you love baking sweets, make a small care package of cookies, brownies, or any other type of desert that your loved ones are known to obsesses over! Make a little customized tag and attach it to the package with a little bow and a cute message like the one pictured above!

thanksgiving gift 2

This is another cute idea with the same idea of the customized tags with a message on it saying “thank you” or “thankful for you!” Pictured above are bottles of sparkling cider, however you could use any bottle you’d like, and you could do different beverages for various different friends or family members depending on what their drink of choice is. For example, a bottle of craft beer for the men, or a bottle of wine or champagne for the ladies!  It’s an amazing way to thank them with something that they love and will DEFINITELY put to good use – probably right then and there!


thanksgiving gift 3

This idea might require a little more thoughtful planning ahead of time – but is still a perfect way to say thank you to the ones your spending Thanksgiving with!  Use a small box, or a small basket/container of any kind, and fill it with some of their favorite things! Candy, nips, books, photos of you two together, gift cards – anything you can think of that will appeal to them (Marshall’s or TJ Maxx is great for little things like that!) Get creative with it and attach a small message on the box as well for some extra flair and have it waiting for them at their place setting at the table when they sit down for Thanksgiving dinner – this will surely surprise your guests!

Glam Thursday: Winter Boudoir Outfits

Picking out outfit choices for your boudoir session can be difficult, especially for those doing a boudoir shoot for the first time! There’s so many unlimited options of what you can do with outfits for your boudoir shoot, depending on the time of year, the holiday coming up, what the shoot is for (birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just for you).

If its for a significant other, what is he interested in? What does he do for work? What’s his favorite team? Its fun to incorporate personal details like that into your shoot – maybe by wearing one of his t-shirts, work button-ups, or a jersey of his favorite team; the list goes on and on of what you can do!

HOWEVER, one of the most fun times of the year to get creative with your boudoir outfits, in my opinion, is during the winter! And with it getting chillier and chillier by the day, this is the perfect time to share some of our thoughts on the topic! This time of year gives you options – you can do the typical lingerie photos, but you can also pair cozy sweaters and knit thigh high socks together in the mix as well! Below are some inspiration photos of winter boudoir outfits that we absolutely adore! Don’t be afraid to get creative! Boudoir doesn’t mean that you have to be naked or showing excessive amounts of skin – sometimes less is more, and these photos below that we found on Pinterest and are still gushing over still leave something to the imagination, but are NOTHING short of sexy – use these photos as inspiration for your own outfit ideas!

winter boudoir 5

winter boudoir 6

winter boudoir 3

winter boudoir 4

winter boudoir 2

winter boudoir 1