Glam Thursday: Boudoir Mini Sessions for Valentines Day!

Yup – that’s right ladies! Starting in January Glam Boudoir is teaming up with Up Style Hair and Makeup, a traveling hair and makeup studio out of Connecticut, to put together mini boudoir sessions for those of you that are looking for a little last minute gift for your significant other for Valentines Day! These mini boudoir sessions are the perfect idea for surprising the one you love with a gift that he/she will never expect without breaking the bank or going through all of the planning for a full blown boudoir shoot! And we can’t stress the importance of professional hair and makeup enough, which is why we’re teaming up with Up Style for this  project!

When doing boudoir, the power of professional hair and makeup is often underestimated.  During these shoots, not only is being pampered part of the experience, but it also makes all the difference when shooting.  It is extremely noticeable when ladies do their hair and makeup on their own. Although you may do a beautiful job, certain beauty tricks just photograph better than others, and professional hair and makeup artists know exactly what they are.  They are able to bring out your natural beauty in ways that the camera will pick up on and enhance during your boudoir shoot – making for a sexy and gorgeous end product every time! Sabrina and Brittany of Up Style Hair and Makeup are miracle workers and have so much experience and passion about all things beauty.






For more info on us, visit, and for more information on Sabrina and Brittany, the talented ladies of Up Style Hair and Makeup, visit their website at! Check out some work done by the both of us, and stay tuned about more details coming soon on our boudoir mini session Valentines Day collaboration!

(Hair and makeup in these photos was done by Mia’s Salon in Cromwell, CT)